|  landscape architecture  |

Landscape architecture involves the design of the outdoor environment at a variety of scales—from large, sites to small, intimate spaces.

We design to protect, improve, and educate.  An understanding of materials, environments and how people interact with outdoor spaces, coupled with a commitment to creativity and sustainability, helps us achieve this goal.     

|  engineering (+landscape architecture)  |

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Civil engineering applies scientific principles to the design and construction of public infrastructure such as hydrology, storm sewer collection,  sanitary sewer design and utilities.

Incorporating green techniques and LEED initiatives into our designs help minimize impact on ecosystems and water resources often caused by construction and development while also seeking to restore ecological function when possible.

|  planning (+landscape architecture)  |


We approach each project holistically, utilizing a collaborative design process and a studio style environment. This approach can nurture new directions for the master planning of communities, campuses, workplaces, civic and commercial districts, and recreational facilities.



Scope of Services:

Site Planning

Site Grading and Drainage

Concept Development

Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction Documentation

Landscape Design

Local Public Agency Project Administration | LPA

Construction / Contract Administration

Scope of Services:

Hydrologic Analysis & Design

Sanitary Sewer Design

Storm Sewer Design

Water Line Distribution Design


Scope of Services:

Land Use Plans

Site Plans

Site Analysis and Selection

Design Guidelines

Planning & Zoning Approvals

Illustrative site plans & graphics

Signage & Wayfinding Master Planning & Design