Eastern Kentucky University Master Plan



Working with a National Planning team, Element Design worked as part of a National Campus Planning Team, providing critical local expertise through our history and long term working relationship with EKU. Element specifically provided planning, analysis, and recommendations for the Open Space and Campus Landscape portions. We developed written and graphic design standards for campus open space, outdoor plazas and gathering areas, roadways, bikeways, pedestrian walkways, parking areas, site furnishings, campus signage, and landscaping.

The Master Plan included the development of the “Colonel Walk,” a Pedestrian Main Street linking the campus north to south from downtown Richmond to the South Campus. Another major design move is the transformation of Park Drive into a central campus vehicular and pedestrian friendly Urban Plaza which alleviates traffic congestion through the center of the campus. Other recommendations include the development of Campus Signage and Wayfinding  standards and future Landscape and Open Space.

Richmond, Kentucky